MIC deceased in 2021

Our Sister Huguette Turcotte (Marie-Pia) died on April 1st .

She was born in the city of Montreal, Qc, February 22, 1924.

Huguette joined the MIC in 1947 and lived her mission in Canada, Philippines, Belgium and Hong Kong.

Funerals in Pont-Viau, April 15

Our Sister Luz Hufancia died en Greenhills, Philippines on March 10.

She was born  April 27, 1940 in the city of Caramoan. Luz joined the MIC in 1964 and lived her mission in Philippines, Canada and Haiti.

Our Sister Bibiana Flora (Pierre-Joseph) died en Philippines on February 27.

She was born  April 14, 1931 in the city of Bato, Naguilian.

Bibiana joined the MIC in 1957 and lived her mission in Philippines and Malawi.

Funerals in Manila March 2

Our Sister Cécile Millette  (Eugénie-de-Rome) died on February 27.

She was born in the city of St-Nazaire, St-Hyacinthe, Qc, March 30, 1923.

Cécile joined the MIC in 1947 and lived her mission in Canada and Madagascar.


Funerals in Pont-Viau, March 11


MIC deceased in 2021

Gisèle Picard, m.i.c.

January 5

Françoise Poirier, m.i.c.

January 5

Marcelle St-Gelais, m.i.c.

January 15

M-Theresa Katongo, m.i.c.

February 19

MIC deceased in 2020

Juliette Ouellette, m.i.c. -

Jeanne Guinois, m.i.c. -

Thérèse Langevin, m.i.c. -

Rita Ouellette , m.i.c. -

Doris Riendeua, m.i.c. -

Suzanne Huot, m.i.c. -

Lise Lamarche, m.i.c. -

M-Thérèse Desharnais, m.i.c. -

Antoinette Castonguay, m.i.c. -

M-Thérèse Beaudette, m.i.c. -

Françoise Massicotte, m.i.c. -

Estelle Messier, m.i.c. -

Yolande Moquin, m.i.c. -

Madeleine Alarie, m.i.c. -

M-Paule Michaud, m.i.c. -

Lucille Métivier, m.i.c. -

Yvette Desnoyers, m.i.c. -

Mireille Morin, m.i.c. -

Henriette Lapierre, m.i.c. -

Thérèse Paré, m.i.c. -

Françoise De Varennes, m.i.c. -

Yoko Igarashi, m.i.c. -