Our Sister Noëlla Parent (Sainte-Éléonore) died on August 10, at our Mother-house in Pont-Viau. She was born in December 25, 1926 in the city of Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, Joliette. She joined the MIC in 1948 and lived her mission in Canada, Madagascar and Haiti.

Funerals Saturday August 19

Pont-Viau 13h 45

Our Sister Vivencia Paña (Mary-of-the-Cross) died on July 24. She was born in January 13, 1936 in the city of Baybay, Leyte, Philippines. She joined the MIC in 1961 and lived her mission in Philippines, Malawi and Madagascar.


Funerals in Davao July 27

Our Sister Françoise Florisina died on July 9, at our house of Tsaramasay, Madagascar. She was born in May 11, 1959 in the city of Belo-Sur-Tsiribihina, Madagascar. She joined the MIC in 1981 and lived her mission in Madagascar and Zambia.

MIC deceased in 2017

Fleurette Lagacé, m.i.c.

February 9

Armandine Gauthier, m.i.c.

March 17

Gertrude Paré, m.i.c.

March 28

Emmanuela Vincent, m.i.c.

April 17

Simone L'heureux, m.i.c.

May 13

Thérèse Blais, m.i.c.

May 15

Jeannine Forcier, m.i.c.

May 20

Jeannine Gagnon, m.i.c.

May 21

Françoise Derome, m.i.c.

May 27

MIC deceased in 2016

Noëlla Fréchette, m.i.c. February 26

Thérèse Déziel, m.i.c. April 9

Jocelyn Guieb, m.i.c. May 22

M-Josèphe Desrochers, m.i.c. May 29

Marie-Odila Plante, m.i.c. May 21

Cécile Savard, m.i.c.  July 4

Jeanne-d'Arc Fontaine, m.i.c. July 13

Olga Antosz, m.i.c. July 27

Angelita Olimba, m.i.c. August 17

Berthe Bussières, m.i.c. September 7

Marie Fugère, m.i.c. October 18

Mariette Provencher, m.i.c. October 25

Renée Ratel, m.i.c. December 18

Rachel Blanchette, m.i.c. December 25