Our Sister Anita Dubé (Marie-Anita) died on January 8.

She was born in the city of St-Eusèbe, Qc., May 13 1926.

Anita joined the MIC in 1947 and lived her mission in Canada and Haiti.


Funerals in Pont-Viau, May 13 – 14h.

Our Sister Catherine Henriette Raveronomenjanahary died en Madagascar on April 20.

She was born April 9, 1942 in the city of Masoarivo.

Catherine joined the MIC in 1966 and lived her mission in Madagascar and Cuba


MIC deceased in 2023

Anita Dubé, m.i.c.

Adeline Mead. m.i.c.

Marielle Patenaude, m.i.c.

Gisèle Guinois, m.i.c.

Julienne Rasoarivelo, m.i.c.

MIC deceased in 2022

Fernande Charbonneau, m.i.c.

Gabrielle Ouimet, m.i.c.

Annette Hétu, m.i.c.

Ohashi Reiko, m.i.c.

Estelle Fortin, m.i.c.

Dolorès St-Cyr, m.i.c.

Myriam Rodriguez, m.i.c.

Anne-Marie Parent, m.i.c.

Bernadette Deguire, m.i.c.

Denise Duhamel, m.i.c.

Aline Quirion, m.i.c.

Laurette Gauvin, m.i.c.

Elizabeth Gagné, m.i.c.

Lucie Gagné, m.i.c.

Adeline Mead, m.i.c.

Gisèle Guinois, m.i.c.

Juliette Desnoyers, m.i.c.