Our Sister Marie-Paule Michaud (St-Jude) died on September 19.

She was born in the city of Montreal, Qc, august 6, 1925.

Marie-Paule joined the MIC in 1944 and lived her mission in Canada, Cuba, Bolivia and Peru.


Funerals in Pont-Viau,

Estelle Messier, m.i.c.

died june 24

Funerals september 26

Our Sister Madeleine Alarie (Marie-Albert) died on August 12.

She was born in the city of St-Fidèle, Qc, 12 september 1929.

Madeleine joined the MIC in 1946 and lived her mission in Canada, Philippines and Haiti.

Funerals October 10


MIC deceased in 2020

Juliette Ouellette, m.i.c

January 3

Jeanne Guinois, m.i.c.

February 6

Thérèse Langevin, m.i.c.

February 9

Rita Ouellette, m.i.c.

February 11

Doris Riendeau, m.i.c.

March 2

Suzanne Huot, m.i.c.

March 6

Lise Lamarche, m.i.c.

March 9

M-Thérèse Desharnais, m.i.c.

Avril 3

Antoinette Castonguay, m.i.c.

April 24

M-Thérèse Beaudette, m.i.c.

May 12

Estelle Messier, m.i.c.

June 24

Françoise Massicotte, m.i.c.

June 29

Yolande Moquin, m.i.c.

July 19

Madeleine Alarie, m.i.c.

August 12

Marie-Paule Michaud, m.i.c.

19 septembre

MIC deceased in 2019

Marguerite Simard, m.i.c. January 15

Cipriana Ccahuana, m.i.c. March 4

Marie-Paule Roy, m.i.c. March 25

Clotilde Teasdale, m.i.c. April 11

Céline Bourbeau, m.i.c. May 8

Colette Rouleau, m.i.c. June 5

Marguerite Legault, m.i.c. July 16

Marie-Hélène Roy, m.i.c. October 4

Agripina Fernande, m.i.c. October 31

Yolande Sin, m.i.c. November 5

Andrée Ménard, m.i.c. November 13