Freedom of Heart

Freedom of Heart In a world and in a society that is in search of meaning, in pursuit of its identity and its roots, it is imperative to trace back through the ages those individuals whose hearts had such a great sense of direction that they were able find their way through multiple commitments. Their freedom of heart generated enthusiasm and a desire to live fully in the manner of Jesus who said: I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (Jn 10:10) These persons speak to us of freedom. FREEDOM TO DREAM… Yes, freedom to dream. The great Canadian music composer, Robert Lebel, wrote a song for the occasion of the MIC centennial in 2002; the refrain spoke about a dream: A dream is a dream, but it can also be the first words of a letter where the future is written; a dream is a dream, but it could also be like a door left ajar for the future to enter. That’s the way it was in 1902 when Venerable Délia Tétreault, saw her child¬hood dream become a reality. What had she seen in her prophetic dream? A large field of fine ripe wheat; then at one point all those ears of wheat were changed into heads of children. With time, various events and apostolic experiences revealed the hidden message behind her childhood dream: she was to found a community whose members would go share the Good News of God’s unconditional love to all those who had never heard the Message; thus giving God children who would praise Him, the loving Father. Many women, from our homeland, recognized them¬selves in that dream; they too dreamt of those far-away places. Leaving behind their possessions, they reached the unknown, mysterious China of those days—it happened in 1909. Through the door that had been left ajar, the future of the Institute was beginning to write its life history. The first Canadian religious community, essen¬tially missionary, was given to the Church of Quebec; it bore the fruits of a child’s dream. A dream from the Spirit always strikes the chord of dedication.
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I Shook Hands With God

Goodness does not make noise, but it can change the world. Paul-Emile Trudeau has discovered this truth as he witnessed the simple deeds full of love lavished upon the disadvantaged ones of the street. This encounter gave him the impression that he shook hands…with God! It might seem pretentious or perhaps easy to appropriate the well-known title of a book or movie highlighting General Dallaire of Rwanda. However, I do so with the intent of giving hope to people who believe that we, as humans, are powerless in relieving the suffering and distress of our contemporaries. Would humans be incapable of improving their behaviour, if they learned from history’s tragic events such as the holocaust or the Rwanda genocide? Some would say: Yes, there are persons like Mother Teresa. Then a quick response is heard: There are no more people of that calibre. Are you sure? What about Jean Vanier the well-known founder of l’Arche communities around the world, who brings relief to so many individuals with developmental disabilities? Is he an exception?
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