New Provincial Council

“Let us ask for nothing more than the manifestation of God's good will in the work entrusted to you. He knows what is good for us, we do not. May our Immaculate Mother bless you and cover you with her maternal protection.” Délia Tétreault
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Spring time

It's not just spring that's back. Life is back too. Little by little. Like the bud in the tree in front of you, will become a leaf. By taking the time it needs. We'll get out of this by taking the time we need. Let's trust in time. To spring. Once again. Have a good season!
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Our Lady of Days and Nights, Our Lady of the Awakening, Our Lady, Mary, the Mother, the Virgin, but first of all the woman with a womb full of a child, like my mother, the one who was waiting for me, the one who is still waiting for me! Springtime is Easter, it is life in abundance, it is the Resurrection, it is Pentecost! O Spirit, strength and courage in our weaknesses, light and joy in the light of our tears! You are beautiful, Our Lady of Spring, Our Lady of Promise! I hear the echo of your Magnificat, in the generous streams of April and the vegetable gush of the days. The sun sneaks in between the trilliums and the ferns and you are there, always present. O Our Lady of the Seeds, with her wide and overflowing apron, you are there to throw with full hands, in the furrows of the morning lands, the wheat, the oats, the soybeans, the corn, the millet and the clover That will weave the great catalog of our fields!
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