Anniversary of foundation of the Montreal Chinese School

Sr. Cecilia Hong was invited by Fr. Joseph Liu of Montreal Chinese Catholic Mission to attend their 60th Anniversary of foundation of their Chinese School. Over 500 students and pupils attended the anniversary and graduation of Grade 11 students. Fr. Joseph Liu expressed deep his deep gratitude to the MIC Sisters for being pioneers in founding Montreal Chinese Mission School. During the ceremony, one graduate expressed the challenge of learning Chinese, yet he and other graduates could not be more thankful and grateful to their parents and teachers who had encouraged them untiringly to speak, read and write Chinese. Today, they learnt to appreciate their rich Chinese culture and are proud to be a Chinese.
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Summer Prayer

Loving God, Creator of all times and places, we thank you for the gift of summertime, the days of light, warmth and leisure. Let all the gifts we enjoy this summer deepen our awareness of you love so that we may share this with others and enjoy a summertime of re-creation.
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