I heard of a man who was troubled and angry by what he saw everyday in his country. His people had become unaware of their extravagant consumption; many had become like wayward children, superficial and thoughtless. This man’s name was John; his clothing was strange, different from the others. I heard that when his fiery voice reached people in the alleys, the public squares, the lake shores, they came to him and wanted to follow him, wishing to be cleansed and baptized in the water. And he would tell the people: Do not be of the illusion that everything will take care of itself. Change your ways, change your way of thinking, begin by reflecting on your own life and the needs of others. The One I am proclaiming will inspire that passionate Spirit of Love within you. John would repeat the words of the prophets who throughout the centuries had spoken to the people about the promised Light— a Light that would dispel darkness—and about a Messiah who would liberate the oppressed, the downtrodden.
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