The Gateway to Know, to Love and to Serve Mary, Mother of Jesus

The University of Dayton prospered and grew further into the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The school began admitting women as well as men. In addition to offering undergraduate degrees, the university also began a graduate program that offered both masters and doctoral degrees. At the graduate level, the law school program is probably the most significant. In the late twentieth century, the university became known for its technological advances, with students being required to own computers. In addition to its reputation in educational technology, the University of Dayton is also known for its role in encouraging students to make a difference outside of the college environment, contributing back to their communities. Much of the university's increases in enrollment have occurred in the decades following World War II.
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The Blue Planet, our planet, is in peril. Indeed, global warming is an ever increasing menace to our ecosystems, and has significant consequences for humans. Every day, industrial and human activities produce greenhouse gases which cause an increase in Earth’s temperatures; the impact dramatically affects our planet. By our choices, our life-style, and the ways we consume goods and energy, we contaminate and harm all forms of life including our own human species. That we are destroying this beautiful Mother Earth is an act of disrespect towards our Creator.
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A Gateway

A Gateway to better know, love and serve Mary, the Mother of Jesus and humanity (2008-2018) This year marks ten years of Marian mission as a visiting professor, Graduate programme, at the University of Dayton, International Marian Research Institute in Ohio, USA. I thought of sharing of how I am inspired by Mother Délia T.’s message to her daughters and to the world, the Mission Statement of the MIC sisters: May the Holy Spirit and our Immaculate Mother be known from pole to pole.
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