Unexpected Reunion

Relatives of ours have had the experience of adopting a child and it turned out to be a beautiful love story. For us, the process lasted five years until little Pierre-Joel was proposed to us. He was five years old when we brought him home. We realized then, that at the time we began dreaming of adoption, this little one was already in the womb of his Haitian mother. ADOPTION AND INTEGRATION OF PIERRE-JOEL May 1989—Lynn and her sister go to Port-au-Prince to bring home the little boy they had been waiting for. She hopes to meet the mother who bore the child for her, but it is not advisable. A suggestion is made: letters could be written via Sr. Madeleine because the mother is illiterate. Back in Quebec with the child, the whole family is charmed by this little Ti-Moun. Pierre-Joel integrates easily; he is particularly smart, intelligent, quick and perceptive. He makes friends easily and becomes a little Quebecer very soon. Less than a month after his arrival, he speaks French fluently and forgets his Creole. He keeps no memories of his mother, his family or his life in Haiti. Yet, his biological mother is often mentioned in our conversations because we do not want him to be cut-off from his roots and we wish that a filial relationship be maintained. So many times we promise ourselves to go to Haiti together, but situations come up and we are unable to fulfill our promise. DIFFICULT TO KEEP CONTACT As long as Sr. Madeleine remains in Haiti, communication is easy. However, because of health problems, she has to come back to Canada. After a few years, the superior of the MIC house “Les Cayes” informs us that Limercia does not come to see them anymore and no one knows where she is or what she has become. Years go by without news from her. In 1998, we write a long letter to the MIC Sisters who live in Port-au-Prince; we express our wish to find Limercia. Sr. Madeleine Patenaude, m.i.c., hears about the request and looks at the photos of the boy. One day, she relates the story to the driver and he happens to know a lady by the name of Limercia. Perhaps she is the one who gave up her son for adoption in Canada. Limercia reappears, she comes to the Sisters’ house and recognizes her son’s photos. She thanks God for such a great joy. Sr. Madeleine records the mother’s message to her son and to the adoptive family. To hear a mother’s voice speak with emotion, sing and pray in Creole brings tears in everybody’s eyes.
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