Fift Lent Sunday

Jesus is powerful. He can bring the dead to life. It is also a movement of the people from non-belief, (they were just bystanders without expectations), to believe in Jesus. The gospel reading is an invitation for us to believe that Jesus is our savior, he is the messiah and the one through whom we can give glory to God. We should not be threatened by his presence. Jesus has the ability to make friends with us. He can also be emotional when people are in grief. Jesus is also a human being, not just a powerful divine being.
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Lent Fourth Sunday

In today’s Gospel, the healing of the man born blind invites us to focus on the physical and spiritual aspects of sight and light. In the first part of today’s Gospel, we hear Jesus’ response to a prevalent belief of his time: that misfortune and disability were the result of sin. That belief is why Jesus is asked the question of whose sin caused the man’s blindness—his own or his parents’. Jesus does not answer directly, but instead gives the question an entirely different dimension—through this man’s disability, God’s power will be made manifest. Jesus then heals the man. The healing is controversial because Jesus heals on the Sabbath. The Pharisees, the religious authorities of Jesus’ time, understood that the law of Moses forbade work (including healing) on the Sabbath. They also have trouble believing that Jesus performed a miracle. To determine whether the man was really born blind, the Pharisees question him and his parents. The man challenges the leaders of the synagogue about their assessment of the good that Jesus has done. In turn, they expel the man for questioning their judgment.
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World Water Day

Birthed in the water of the womb We cannot ignore the polluting of water that sickens and kills Washed in an abundance of water We cannot ignore the water-robbing industries that deplete our aquifers Thirst quenched with clean water We cannot ignore the mining, fracking, and oil exploration putting communities and ecosystems at risk Moved across rivers, lakes and oceans We cannot ignore the rising sea level engulfing island states or the devastation of global warming storms Reconciled in the waters of baptism We cannot ignore the violation of treaties, covenants with the first protectors of the watersheds Sustained by the water of an intricate ecosystem We cannot ignore our connection to water. Let us be Conscious Grateful Mindful And actively protecting Water, the life-blood of our Creator.
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