In the fifteenth year of the reign of Emperor Tiberius... Your coming among us, Lord Jesus, concerns all men. Saint Luke makes us understand it by naming all the great men of the world. He summons them all in a way to come and listen to the message from heaven, a call to welcome the One who comes to save them. This message is also addressed to us today, to all of us... I have to hear it, to hear it again to enlighten my life, and also to make it known to others John went through the whole region of the Jordan... John was "the voice" that transmits the Word of God. This is the mission of Christians throughout the centuries. It is mine. John announced you, Lord, as much by his life as by his words. What we say has no value unless we live it. Give us the power to be your messengers with all our lives. He proclaimed a baptism of conversion for the forgiveness of sins.
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Chapter Echo

Impelled by our Charism, dare to go out to encounter Life with Mary of the Magnificat. The precarious situation of our world due to the Covid-19 pandemic leads us to celebrate our Chapter 2021 using computer-telematic means. We are 49 delegates from 14 countries living the online chapter experience. We are already two weeks into our 15th General Chapter: a time of listening, working and discernment.
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General Chapter 2021

Opening of the General Chapter SMIC 2021
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