Winter Lady

Waiting, hoping, longing, winter, a time for new births, encounters, forgiveness, celebrations and new beginnings... Christmas, New Year, Best Wishes, we begin again, we continue, and the light of Bethlehem reaches everyone's heart... Notre-Dame, in the crib, under the traditional Christmas tree. It's the feast of birth who is Good News, in these white spaces of our hearts... A shepherd's night when the angels prolong our childhood dreams, a magician's night when the stars trace the curve of our destiny. Then the gifts of habit, of routine, of propriety, and the bazaars, the sales and the shops, but the snow, its blue silence, its white ceremonies of childhood that tries to be reborn... and life that follows its course with the days that lengthen until the Annunciation. Notre-Dame, yes, Notre-Dame, the youngest, the most beautiful, the simplest, will be Mother of God...
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The Present of the Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted much of our freedom. Yes, the daily efforts, the very chedules that it imposed on us, that it created in us! New efforts in the face of a new reality more than ever shared by the most and least fortunate, but which were nevertheless neighbors. It is the dawn of a new enlightened community which is getting active. The sea was calm, now it is awakening! The other, our neighbor, is becoming more and more important. An intention... of survival, almost as centered as selfishness, this time brings us to this new generation in need; our own. For my own well-being, I need the well-being of others.
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