MIC FAMILY - Lay missionaries

Lay People Engaged in the Mission

In Canada as well as in other countries, we always work with numerous lay persons to make the Kingdom visible.  Many of them wish to give a few years of their life to the mission abroad.  Some M.I.C. cooperate with other missionary communities and organisations in the formation and companioning of future lay missioners.  When women or young girls in connection with us go abroad, our missionaries in the countries of destination welcome them and support them in their adaptation and insertion.

Missionary life is increasingly becoming a vast collec­tive project in which the input of lay people is prov­ing to be an original and highly qualified contribu­tion.  For 25 years, we have been working in partner­ship with these people who, in different ways of life, share the same call.  We find these lay missionaries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and in Lebanon.  Between the years 1994 and 2000, we have welcomed in our midst nine lay missionaries on long-term projects and 81 others on short-term projects in education, health care, social work and other services.  A few among us are involved in an inter-community formation programme for lay missionaries.  A close look affirms the fact that new initiatives ever continue to enliven the Mission.

 The Formation Program for Lay Missionaries exist only in french