Meditation and prayers


GOD is here - Let's celebrate!

Let us enlist our lives in continuous celebration

of God's goodness and greatness.

Let us announce to the world God's presence

and proclaim His loving concern for all His creatures.


How compassionate He is toward all He has created.

He will not back out on His promises to us.

His blessings are not reserved only for those

who fit obediently into His design for them.


He is just - and He is forgiving.

He gently picks up those who have fallen

and restores them to Himself.

He sustains those who are wavering in weakness

and grants them His grace and strength.


He reaches into the void of empty lives

and enriches and fulfills their hungry hearts.

He is near enough to hear our every cry,

to sense our every need,

to grant us whatever is necessary

to make us happy and productive

as we seek to follow and to serve Him.


How incomparably glorious is our great God!

May our mouths articulate and our lives demonstrate

His ever-present love for all His creatures!

Let us celebrate the eternal mercy and goodness of our God!