Meditation and prayers


When will you come to ask me :
"Thérèse, may I have this last dance?"
Then will you be kind enough
To give me a sign beforehand
So that I can go and powder my nose?
I want to look nice for that dance
Don't you see… so you can be proud of me!

I know that one time you said
You could come like a thief in the night
But you really don't have to come that way,
I prefer a gentle yet a hasty tug
Letting me know you're there!

I know I should always be ready
For the Dance… you know it
And I know it… but it's just -
That I sometimes forget.

To dance with you, Lord
I must wear the right shoes
Don't you understand, Lord?
Sometimes my shoes are too tight
Give me time to adjust
To take off my shoes for a minute!

You know my feet are tired
From dancing all over two continents
For more than 40 years.
Give me a minute to let them rest
They were hurrying for you…
Bringing the Good News to man, woman and child.
That's why they're swollen,
Dear, dear Lord of the Dance.

Just before I step on the floor
Let me hum with you
A song we sang together as we danced
In the morning of my life.
Now, lead me on in the dance,
I'll follow you wherever you lead me
In this last Dance as we glide
In the Father's House together!

Thérèse LeBlanc, M.I.C.