Winter 2923 Issue


The Joy of the Gospel: WITNESS

  Celebrate, Bear Witness, Give Thanks  Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, i.c.

  Delia’s Inspirations  Éric Desautels

   At the Roots of M.I.C. History – Louise Denis, m.i.c.

   Family Solidarity, Our Greatest Asset! – Maurice Demers

   Care Inspired by the Gospel – Lise Tremblay, m.i.c.

   The Visitation – Anne-Marie Forest

   A Living Faith – Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.

   Celebrating Life – Ruth Nyalazi, m.i.c.

   Witnessing the Spirit of Thanksgiving – Adrienne Guay, m.i.c.

   Dreams Take Flight – Nicole Rochon

  A Glimpse of Eternity – Cecilia Hong, i.c.

  With You, O Lord – Léonie Therrien, i.c.


Celebrate, Bear Witness, Give Thanks

There are important moments in life that deserve to be celebrated. It is often a wonderful opportunity to gather grand-parents, parents, cousins and friends around the same table. The whole family comes together to celebrate, rejoice, reconcile and share news. What a joy it is to prepare for these festivities, especially the joy of seeing each other again after so many years. Our founder, Delia Tétreault, loved to remember and celebrate, hence our Thanksgiving spirituality.

Today, the magazine presents the golden jubilee of the M.I.C. Africa Province, the fiftieth anniversary of its founding. It’s an opportunity to reread its history, to give thanks for it, and to see how one inspiration can change the course of a life, of an institution.

Shared Joy 

In a spirit of faith and mutual love, Karine and Maurice overcame a great trial to give their children a joyful family life, the result of a living commitment shared at the heart of everyday life. Sister Lise Tremblay, a missionary nurse in Haiti, has had a similar experi- ence, seeking to heal sickness and hearts. As for Sister Adrienne, she shares joy and sorrow with a small group of Associates, always in a spirit of gratitude. Together, they experience precious moments that mitigate life’s difficulties. The spirituality of Thanksgiving becomes a real Visitation in their lives, giving them courage and peace in times of trial.

A Welcome Visitation

Soon we’ll be celebrating the beautiful feast of Jesus’ birth and Christmas will be upon us, with its joy and family gatherings. A true visit, as Anne-Marie Forest suggests. Yes, the Holy Spirit, always at work, gives impetus to this Visitation, which takes on a special colour between Mary and Elizabeth, these two women who tenderly welcome each other and the new lives that inhabit them.

With all these people, we want to sing the Magnificat to bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024. Saying goodbye to a year is a precious opportunity to thank all the collaborators who have contributed to the advancement of the work of M.I.C. Missionary Press. It is with deep gratitude that the management team would like to convey its best wishes for health, joy and happiness in the coming year. What does the future hold? That’s the Lord’s secret. But one thing is certain: we’ll lose nothing if we welcome it with serenity and gratitude for everything we’ve achieved together.

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