Winter 2023 Issue


The Joy of the Gospel: LIVING

3 | Victory of Life – Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.

4 | Joy, Little Music of the Day – Évangeline Plamondon, m.i.c.

6 | Restoring Hope to Families of Loved Ones – Maurice Demers

8 | Between Neighbors – Suzanne Labelle, m.i.c.

9 | Living Differently in Joy – Nicole Rochon

10 | The MIC Legacy in Vancouver – Éric Desautels

12 | Resurrection of Christ and Creation – Anne-Marie Forest, painter

14 | Faith, Source of Joy – Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.

16 | The Joy of Inspiring and Giving Light to Those Who Approach Us – Raeliarisoa Voanginirina Séraphine, m.i.c.

17 | Chinese Pastoral Centre Opens in Ottawa – Cécilia Hong, m.i.c.

19 | My Experience with the Tea Ceremony in Japan – Suzanne Morneau, m.i.c.

21 | My Vocation, the Joy of the Gospel – Raeliarisoa Voanginirina Séraphine, m.i.c.

22 | How Beautiful you are – Godefroy Midy, sj

23 | With You, O Lord – Léonie Therrien, m.i.c.

The Victory of Life

After the long months of winter, a ray of spring sunshine is most welcome. The accumulated snow melts, the grass starts to emerge and, what joy, a snowdrop offers a glimpse of a little flower.

Oh wonder, spring has arrived, the triumph of life... the maple sap is flowing, people are busy, the sugar shacks are welcoming guests who happily enjoy their maple sweets.

Joy is also present in the parishes; children, well prepared, are taking their first steps in the spiritual life, making their first contact with Jesus in their hearts. The older children have chosen to continue learning and are preparing to receive the sacrament of confirmation. The Holy Spirit’s gifts will affirm them in the development of their faith life. This spiritual support will prepare them to live the joys and sorrows inherent in life.

In every life there are difficult moments that come to pass when the Lord acting within us gives us the inner strength to overcome them. We must never despair. The example of this boy during the earthquake in Turkey, after 7 or 8 days trapped beneath the rubble, who strikes the wall with his free hand, hoping it will be heard. Did he pray? We don’t know... but his patience was recognized and he was set free. In all times, the Lord hears the prayer and gives the strength to remain faithful to the point of martyrdom. Let us think of the hundreds of Christians canonized in Vietnam by Pope John Paul II in 1988. In many countries throughout the centuries and still today, Christians remain faithful to their faith in spite of death threats. The journey of Rosa Roisinblit in Argentina gives us a striking example of courage in overcoming the forces of evil.

We have just celebrated the Passover of Jesus Christ, the victory of life over death; is it not a joyful time, when, daily, joy becomes music to our ears? The painting of the risen Christ by Anne Marie Forest and all the testimonies of faith expressed in this issue of the magazine invite us to nourish our faith which becomes joy in contact with the Lord.

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