October-November-Dicember Issue



3 | Resurrecting Hope – Marie Nadia Noël, m.i.c.

4 | The Boldness of Our Dreams – André Gadbois

6 | God, at Least I Can Touch You – Godefroy Midy, s.j.

8 | Let’s Take Part in the Dance – Murielle Dubé, m.i.c.

10 | What if Saying “Thank You” Brings Happiness? – Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.

12 | The Rainbow of Daily Life in 2020 – Agathe Durand, m.i.c.

14 | The Tenacity of Hope – Pauline Yuen, m.i.c.

16 | Inspired by the Tenacity of Délia – Éric Desautels

18 | Appreciated Help – Bertine Razanamiarisoa, m.i.c.,
Monica Ruiz, m.i.c., Isabel Ayala, m.i.c.

20 | Missionary Echo on Paradise Island – Robine, Isabelle et Charline, m.i.c.

21 | A Vitalizing Contagion – Marie Nadia Noël, m.i.c.

22 | With You, O Lord!

Resurrecting Hope

Resurrecting Hope

Clearly, Covid-19 and the spring of 2020 do not get along well. In the middle of March, what we were waiting for was the arrival of spring. Spring with its flowers and butterflies. Spring, the precursor to summer. It reminds us that at the end of the tunnel is the light. Victor Hugo describes it in these words:

Here are the long days, light, love, delirium! Here is spring! March, April with a sweet smile. The day is born crowned by a cool and tender dawn. The evening is full of love; at night you think you hear, through the immense shadow and under the blessed sky, something happy singing in infinity.

However, it was a long spring, because of the confinement required by Covid-19, long and interspersed with sweet memories. Memories that invite joy, hope and gratitude. Can we hope while all frontiers close and each one, even peoples, isolate themselves? Yes, because life experiences give us hope that life will take its course again.

A hope that leads to gratitude for Life. Gratitude for so much generosity. Gratefulness for the love received and given. Doesn’t Mother Delia write: When I stop to think that the Good Lord loves me divinely, I feel the happiest creature in the world... This awareness made her sing her Magnificat.

Yes, like Mary, in this time of pandemic, we are all invited to write or sing our  Magnificat! Why? Because in the community one puts oneself at the service of the others. Because the Word of God continues to comfort, guide, nourish and liberate. Because researchers, scientists, caregivers will fight this scourge. Because the best can come out of the worst. Because the virus will not have the last word.

All the stories in this issue are a testament to the hope, tenacity and gratitude of individuals, missionaries and peoples during this time of pandemic. Faced with the essential, made naked by the test, are we not forced to put on a new skin while resurrecting hope?

Marie-Nadia Noël, m.i.c.

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