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3 | A Star Named Hope – Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.

4 | A New World – André Gadbois

6 | Giving Meaning to the Life – Cecilia Mzumara, m.i.c.

8 | The Story of a Lifetime – Marie Nadia Noël, m.i.c.

10 | Hong Kong, Good Hope School

11 | Wendell, a Star in the Firmament
of Haitian Literature – Louis Gary Cyprien

12 | Love of God’s Creation – Lilia J. Frondosa, m.i.c.

14 | Resilience... On a Daily Basis! – Guillaume Fournier

16 | The Winding Road towards the
Reunion of All Believers – Maurice Demers

18 | “PROMIS” Kept its Promise – Audrey Charland

20 | One Day at a Time – Pauline Boilard, m.i.c.

22 | With You, O Lord


A Star Named HOPE

In sports, there is always a rising star,  that has value and supports the dynamism of the team for a victorious year. At the beginning of this year, I am sending you a star of hope, we need it after the surprises of 2020. This pandemic has caused many projects to tumble, bringing down structures that seemed to be solid. It has come knocking at our door and, in spite of us, has invaded us, changed our habits and created a new society where distancing, wearing face coverings, washing our hands and restricting gatherings become an obligation.

Our poor leaders no longer know what to do about this continuing situation. How can we convince a population to remain serene and optimistic in spite of everything? We feel our smallness before a future that does not depend only on us.



We can consider another aspect of the situation: raise your head, keep confidence. How many people did not let themselves be discouraged by this uncontrollable situation? They have been creative, inventive, persevering, hence teleworking, virtual classes, meetings on the Internet... Even sports and concerts are growing and captivating our attention.

We are given several examples of people who have earned the Star of Hope and have kept their focus on their goal. Others before us have survived tragic situations, be it in Cuba, Africa or simply young people like Guillaume or that young Haitian woman who won the Plume d’Or at the Alliance Française. All of them have lived one day at a time and consider the future with a look full of hope.

Let us re-read Charles Péguy’s poem on ‘Little Hope’, a beneficial source of reflection. What amazes me, says God, is hope. And I can’t believe it. It crosses the worlds and forges ahead. It leads, it loves... and makes everyone walk.1

Hope makes us recognize the meaning of life, the beauty and the depth of the human being, it has a price and nothing is fatal. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

May the New Year shine in our eyes and warm our hearts. We are not alone, God is with us and he loves each of his children and takes care of us.

I send to each one of you this star called Hope, may it accompany you every day of this new year



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