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carving the seasons of our lives


Spiritual Life

Carving a Living Sculpture - André Gadbois

Stripping a block of wood of its bark—chiseling it down to its core is a work of art. Similarly, throughout the seasons of our lives we are called to be sculptors in order to find our core, our soul, our true self...[READ MORE]

Culture and Mission

From Peetabeck, "Wachieh, Hello"- Colette Soucy

When a person comes to a crossroad she is obliged to read the signs of the times and make a decision. Colette is not at the beginning of her career; many commitments have obliged her to travel to Hong-Kong, India, to the Canadian North and Montreal. With a generous apostolic heart, she once again recently travelled to Northern Ontario to work with the CREE First Nation...[READ MORE]


Anastazia, a Woman of Compassion- Rita Guay, m.i.c.

Chipata, Zambia is the place where Sr. Rita worked for many years. One day, she met Anastazia, one of her former students whom she had not seen for decades. Touched by her story, Sister relates how one woman can radiate God’s loving care...[READ MORE]


I Am the Way - Sebastien Gendron

On the road to Compostela, Sébastien encountered himself, others and the Other. From this inward and community experience, he relates his discoveries and especially his profound realization that walking has the virtue of bringing us back to the essential...[READ MORE]


Faithfulness - Ida Brochu, m.i.c.

She could tell us many stories about the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception because she knows them since her childhood years. The MIC Sisters would come to her family home to offer their mission magazine. One day, without warning her mother and to be courteous, she invited the Sisters to stay for dinner…[READ MORE]

In Focus: Carving the Seasons of Our Lives [READ MORE]

About the MICs

Committed Associates and Alumnae - Claudette Bouchard, m.i.c.

They are involved in all areas of the MIC mission works. Side by side with the Sisters, they reach out to the poor in the remotest villages—teaching, treating the sick, journeying and encouraging all who are in need...[READ MORE]

When the Wind Blows (part 2) - Louisa Nicole, m.i.c.

Spring 2007, my missionary life takes on a new orientation. The ABC of Chronic Pain Self-Management is a workshop given in two and a half hours, once a week, for six weeks. With a partner I facilitate the sessions to groups of ten to twelve participants-people with chronic illnesses acquire techniques to deal with their pain, manage their health and maintain an active and fulfilling life...[READ MORE]

From Melbourne to Montreal - Huguette Turcotte, m.i.c.

A story of gratitude—the author specifies three dates which marked the life of a Filipino musician and of his Canadian teacher...[READ MORE]

Do You Believe in Angels - Ditma Luz Trocio, m.i.c.

Whether or not you believe in angels, our experience tells us that they do exist. Last April-May, Jane Yung and Paula Cheng took the initiative of contacting ten of our former students from Hong Kong who came to our rescue. We were scheduled to present our MIC Mission News magazine in six parishes in the Toronto Archdiocese...[READ MORE]



Think it over

When I had an important decision to make, my mother would say: Think it over. She was right! Similar to when a sculptor strikes into a block of wood with his chisel, each decision taken affects one’s life. Whether it is a choice in a field of studies or a career, whether it is opting for a particular lifestyle or a way of life, think it over because life moves us forward and it is difficult to turn back.

In his sermon—The Three Dimensions of a Complete Life, Martin Luther King states: The principle of self-acceptance is a basic principle in life…then each one of us must discover what we are called to do. Once we’ve discovered what God wants of our life, we should set out to do it with all of the strength and all of the power that we have in our systems. In other words, that which is of greatest importance is to be in touch with our heart, to hear the callings that demand attention, so that God’s project, which He wants to entrust to our care, be fulfilled. Each one of us has a particular mission which no one else can achieve.

Choosing a career, a way of life, is to relinquish other possibilities. Scripture gives us examples of this. Deeply moved by her encounter with Jesus, the Samaritan woman leaves behind her jug of water at Jacob’s well, and hastens to go tell others about Jesus. The passionate Paul of Tarsus abdicates his pharisaic ideal in order to collaborate in proclaiming the Mission of the Risen One: I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things (Phil.3:8). It is the same today. There are young adults who willingly leave behind that which they treasure most in order to respond to a loving God’s call and walk in the Lord’s footsteps. Some turn away from wealth and opt to help the impoverished, the needy.

This issue briefly presents some life orientations. Each one of us has a specific vocation. To commit one’s self, is to find a deep inner joy… which does not mean that we will not encounter any difficulties. Trials are part of life! They bring about growth. The strength of the Holy Spirit is always present to help us through and to guide us in shaping our lives each day, that it may become a work of art. That is the reason why each decision or choice we take, we must truly think it over!


The Team


Editorial Board 


Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, Directress of publication

Originally from Quebec, Sr. Marie-Paule was a missionary in Haiti; she worked with high-school students in the field of catechesis and also in youth ministry.  She is now directress of the MIC Missionary Press and Provincial Superior of the MIC Canadian Province.

André Gadbois, Journalist 

Married and father of two children, André Gadbois, after several years in pastoral work, taught children with serious learning disabilities for 20 years and was school director for ten years. He has been very involved with catechumens of the church in Montreal, and is the editor of their journal, le Sénevé. 


  Léonie Therrien, Journalist

Occupation:  She is a member of the editorial team for the missionary magazine Le Précurseur/MIC Mission News.  She is also responsible for a group of MIC Associates (ASMIC).

Experiences:  Educator; youth group animator as well as animating groups of Associates; member of an intercommunity mission animation team.


  Claudette Bouchard, Translation and Journalist

Sr. Claudette is a former missionary in Malawi, C. Africa.  She also worked in the Archdioceses of San Francisco, Ca.; Toronto, Ont.; and Vancouver, B.C. as Archdiocesan coordinator and promoter of mission awareness activities. Within parish contexts, she coordinated religious education programs and accompanied youngsters on their faith journey.


Carole Guévin, Direction's assistant

Assistant Director of the MIC Missionary Press, Carole lived in Nicaragua and Lebanon as a lay missionary.


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