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Spiritual Life
Decrying a System — André Gadbois

A system that is powerful can maintain the inequalities that exist on our planet. A system which lulls consciences, gives away like a sugar daddy, silences the watchers, spurns human dignity, is one percent of the population controlling thirty-nine percent of the global wealth. This kind of  system crucified the Prophet of Nazareth… and it continues its task [READ MORE]

Cultures And Mission

YOUCAT (the new Youth Catechism) — Robert Lalonde

The 700,000 copies of the new Youth Catechism – YOUCAT (YOUth-CATechism) – represents one of the biggest print orders in the world today. This book of 300 pages was distributed to 700,000 participants at the World Youth Days (WYD) which took place in Madrid... [READ MORE]

The Indignant Young Adults — Véronique Martel

When I think of the term “the cry of the indignant” I think of the movement Occupy Wall Street and its ebbing. We have all heard about the hundreds of people who, in protest, settled in the street for many days denouncing the social and economic situation of our time. Though the event received abundant media coverage, the attitude of our political leaders... [READ MORE]


The Cry of Mother Earth — Agnès Bouchard, M.I.C.

Yes, I am outraged when I see my forests being destroyed. The greed and destructive practices of large forestry companies provoke climate  change and create humanitarian crisis... [READ MORE]


Did You Say- “Sustainable Development”? — Renaude Grégoire

Crisis occur one after the other: economical, ecological, social, political and financial. Many countries are affected and there are no long term solutions... [READ MORE] 

Stop- It’s Enough! — Claudette Bouchard, M.I.C.

Have you ever considered the magnitude of human trafficking worldwide? It is the modern-day slavery and it affects most countries and every continent; it is today’s worst humanitarian crises... [READ MORE] 

The Indignant- An Ambiguous Label — Guillaume Duchesneau

Is “The Indignant” actually a good term to define those who peacefully try to awaken peoples’ consciousness to the reality that there is an imbalance in our society? At a rally which took place at Victoria Square in Montreal, Sr. Louisa Nicole met Guillaume, a young music therapist; he responds to this question... [READ MORE] 

About the MIC'S

Between Dreams and Realities — Suzanne Labelle, M.I.C.

You might tell me that I am far from being young enough to be discussing such a subject. Well, so be it! However, no matter our age...[READ MORE] 

Taking Up the Challenges — Huguette Ostiguy, M.I.C.

I arrived in Africa in 1973. Gradually I learned and journeyed with the Africans; I became close to their way of life and adapted to their culture.  With time, I discovered... [READ MORE]



the message


Do we need to scream in order to be heard? The Lord tells us: He who has ears to hear, let him hear (Mt. 11:15). We can wonder if His message has been heard... So many times, when I was in Haiti, I heard the people protesting against the government’s way of ruling the country. Notwithstanding the demonstrations, nothing changed. Is this not what we are currently experiencing world-wide? The nations have a message, but it is not heard. We must ask, why?

In Haiti, I would go to the poorest areas to listen to the people, to give them comfort, and with limited resources come to their rescue. I felt submerged by the misery that was all around me. One day, a young child of approximately 4 or 5 years of age came to me. It was obvious that he was suffering from malnutrition: his reddish hair, his swollen body, his little puffed up feet. His enlarged pleading eyes spoke louder than words. However, he said: I am sick, do something for me. My heart ached with compassion. I understood the message of this child; I was deeply touched by his condition because I knew very well the milieu he was from. I did all I could to help him.

I think that high ranking individuals do not see, they do not hear, because they are in an ivory tower which they are reluctant to leave behind. They cannot hear the cry of the indignant citizens; they do not live their struggles, nor do they live their life conditions. Inflation does not touch them, but for those who have difficulty making ends meet there are many worries about tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the day when world-wide masses will wake up, it will be too late. How many will already have died because of injustices, lack of sharing and understanding? Social inequalities provoke revolutions somewhat like the Arab springtime; they trigger wake-up calls as seen in Africa and other countries around the globe.

This edition offers you some points to reflect upon in regards to the indignant ones of our world; the movement goes well beyond Occupy Wall Street. It is a cry of desperation that should touch us and lead us to understand clearly the Lord’s message: Love one another (Jn 13:34.35).

Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, M.I.C.


The Team

MIC Mission News Team

Editorial Board 


Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, Directress of publication

Originally from Quebec, Sr. Marie-Paule was a missionary in Haiti; she worked with high-school students in the field of catechesis and also in youth ministry.  She is now directress of the MIC Missionary Press and Provincial Superior of the MIC Canadian Province.

André Gadbois, Journalist 

Married and father of two children, André Gadbois, after several years in pastoral work, taught children with serious learning disabilities for 20 years and was school director for ten years. He has been very involved with catechumens of the church in Montreal, and is the editor of their journal, le Sénevé. 


Louisa Nicole, journaliste

  Léonie Therrien, Journalist

Occupation:  She is a member of the editorial team for the missionary magazine Le Précurseur/MIC Mission News.  She is also responsible for a group of MIC Associates (ASMIC).

Experiences:  Educator; youth group animator as well as animating groups of Associates; member of an intercommunity mission animation team.


  Claudette Bouchard, Translation and Journalist

Sr. Claudette is a former missionary in Malawi, C. Africa.  She also worked in the Archdioceses of San Francisco, Ca.; Toronto, Ont.; and Vancouver, B.C. as Archdiocesan coordinator and promoter of mission awareness activities. Within parish contexts, she coordinated religious education programs and accompanied youngsters on their faith journey.


Carole Guévin, Direction's assistant

Assistant Director of the MIC Missionary Press, Carole lived in Nicaragua and Lebanon as a lay missionary.


Véronique Martel, Journalist

Véronique Martel has a BA degree in linguistics and French literature, and she is now completing her MA. She is also interested in cultures and visual arts. The author is a literary chronicler on the Radio Ville-Marie station.


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