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(VOL. 61, No. 1 /January- February-March 2018)


Spiritual Life

Zacchaeus, Come Down! – André Gadbois

Towns, cities and sometimes even villages are more frequently becoming places of mass demonstrations, as much to celebrate something as to denounce it, and to show the power of human solidarity. Added to these gatherings is the presence of social media, where the speed at which our opinions are shared is astonishing. We could conclude that communication between individuals is going smoothly. So much the better! Yet, loneliness and discouragement are ravaging us, injustice and contempt continue to “kill.” On every continent!

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Cultures and Mission

Challenged By the Diversity of Churches – Pauline Boilard, m.i.c.

To create a new union with our Mother Earth, Sister Pauline sees the importance and urgency in taking responsibility for the environment. Committed to the Green Churches, an interfaith movement to save the planet, she is also interested in Christian traditions that will lead her on a journey of interreligious and monotheistic dialogue in Jerusalem.


The Progress of Ti-Moun Misoynè – Gisèle Vachon, m.i.c.

Since Pope John Paul II’s visit to Haiti on March 9, 1983, a need for religious education activities has been felt, especially for the children of Haiti. So we created the magazine
Ti-Moun Misyonè, which has grown considerably since its first publication..

The Religious World of Montreal – Carole Guévin

The year 2017 marked the celebration of the 375th anniversary of Montreal’s founding. The celebrations honoured the cultural diversity and rich history of the city, and were widely enjoyed by both citizens and tourists. The Canadian Society of Catholic Church History participated in the celebration by holding its 84th annual conference in Montreal on September 29th at Saint Joseph’s Oratory, a well-known religious tourist attraction in Montreal.




At The School of Jesus – Audrey Charland.

At the dawn of their departure, I managed to get an interview with the five young women who shared, in recent seasons, a house next to the MIC convent. Despite the apparent tranquility of these nuns in formation, when the time came to return to their home country, we sensed something in their meditative silence and their laughter,
a certain nostalgia and a touch of excitement lighting up their eyes and words. No doubt their stay at the school of Jesus adequately prepared them for the school of life. For them, the missionary life..


A Crowning Achievement – Lise Tremblay, m.i.c.

Thirty-four young people ready to offer quality care. This is the result of four years of hard work at the college of nursing at the Catholic University of Hinche. Sister Lise and Sister Silfane invested hard work and love into the students’ success. Congratulations to each one of these graduates and their professors!


Healing African Dance – Ruth Christine Nyalazi, m.i.c.

I never really participated closely in the rituals of my people nor in those around my village. But I remember when I was young I went to watch people who were possessed by the spirits, perform the ritual dances. I also encountered another situation: when someone is sick people believe it’s because the spirits are not happy, so they will call the spirits to heal the person and ask forgiveness if there is an offence. As observed, those who are possessed by the spirits in my culture, spend long hours by themselves in silence in a house or in the bush away from people, in the presence of light and higher gods. Usually after three days, they return to the village or open their house and the one accompanying them organizes the healing dance for them in order to dance out the bad spirits (vimbuza) for Tumbukas, (mashawe) for Nsengas of Zambia, after which they are healed. This is something we can’t understand and many questions remain without answers. But I believe there is something sacred about this. The healers may not be able to articulate with human words their connectedness with a felt mystical power but surely they know how to connect with nature and its sacred language..



Montreal Chinese Catholic Mission – Cecilia Hong, m.i.c.

When celebrating a centennial, past years are often remembered. The first Chinese immigrants arrived in Montreal in 1860; they participated in building the Canadian Pacific Railway. In 1901, immigration increased and an estimated 888 Chinese were already in Montreal. These immigrants grouped together and created a Chinatown; eleven years later there were more than 1,300 Chinese in the area.

On the Road With Denise – Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.

Sister Denise Duhamel is back from Africa after 35 years of mission work. She is now our designated “chauffeur” and drives our Sisters to their medical appointments. The Montreal and Laval hospitals have no more secrets for her. Early in the morning until late at night, she goes about her business as she has always done. I am happy to present you this dauntless woman.


A moment of Reflexion

The pace of today’s society is such that time is passing us by. Time slips between our fingers. We often hear people say: I did not have time; I do not have time, and yet… It’s up to us to manage our time, to give ourselves moments of rest, enjoy a pleasant visit with a friend, savour the silence or take a moment alone for inner reflection. A little like Martha and Mary in the Gospel, who took pleasure in the presence of the Lord, each in her own way. Or like Zacchaeus who, listening to his inner voice, climbed up the sycamore tree to see Jesus pass by, giving Jesus the chance to invite himself into his home.

Come down quickly, I must stay at your house today (Lk 19:5.6). What a surprising and touching invitation! As a tax collector, Zacchaeus selfishly collected his dues and exploited his fellow citizens, yet he gladly welcomed and dined with Jesus. This intimate moment with Jesus was fruitful. Zacchaeus realized that deep in his heart was goodness, openness and generosity. What a beautiful discovery for him! His self-esteem certainly rose, because listening to the Lord brings pleasant surprises.

At the school of Jesus, our young Sisters (scholastics) learn to manage their time. They try to have intimacy with the Lord and live interculturally with respect, openness to others while sharing daily tasks. It is a time for spiritual renewal and in-depth integration of the missionary spirit of Thanksgiving, thus preparing them for their perpetual  vows.

This is how Sisters Gisèle and Lise devote themselves to the nation of Haiti. Sister Gisèle, who is responsible for the publication of the magazine Ti-Moun Misoyne, visits primary school classrooms and suggests religious and mission activities for the students. Sister Lise prepares young people for a profession in nursing at the Catholic University of Hinche, a profession in which selflessness, devotion and love of neighbour are essential. Training these young people is a great success, as they are now
ready to help relieve human suffering.

The Montreal Chinese Catholic Mission celebrated 100 years since their foundation. An occasion to thank the Lord, to celebrate and to share with those devoted to their cause. A procession in the streets of Chinatown, Montreal demonstrated their joy and their Quebecois pride.

All the articles in this issue speak of love, joy and the happiness which comes in serving others. Take the time to read them and allow yourself to be charmed by these moments of reflection. The Lord will come to you and feel at home in your heart.
Happy reading!

The Team

Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, Directress of publication

Originally from Quebec, Sr. Marie-Paule was a missionary in Haiti; she worked with high-school students in the field of catechesis and also in youth ministry.  She is now directress of the MIC Missionary Press.

Carole Guévin, Direction's assistant

Assistant Director of the MIC Missionary Press, Carole lived in Nicaragua and Lebanon as a lay missionary.

Translator : French to English - MIC Mission News

Sr. Claudette is a former missionary in Malawi, Africa.  She also worked in the Archdioceses of San Francisco, California; Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, British Colombia as Archdiocesan coordinator and promoter of mission awareness activities. Within parish contexts, she coordinated religious education programs and accompanied youngsters on their faith journey.

André Gadbois, Editorial Board

Married and father of two children, André Gadbois, after several years in pastoral work, taught children with serious learning disabilities for 20 years and was school director for ten years. He has been very involved with catechumens of the Church in Montreal, and is the editor of their journal, le Sénevé.

Audrey Charland, Editorial Board

Audrey Charland, a 25-year-old graduate student with a master’s degree in Religious Studies, is trying her hand at something new: first the thesis, now the news article! After studying the history of Catholic missionary nuns in India, she has joined the MIC Missionary News team as the new Communications and Development Officer. This position will allow her to take on new and exciting challenges, and put her knowledge and skills into practice.

Léonie Therrien, M.I.C., Editorial Board

Occupation: She is a member of the editorial team for the missionary magazine Le Précurseur/MIC Mission News. She is also responsible for a group of MIC Associates (ASMIC).

Experiences: Educator; youth group animator as well as animating groups of Associates; member of an intercommunity mission animation team.

Emilien Roscanu, Editorial Board                                                                            

Emilien Roscanu History and politics are his passion as well as the arts scene and dramatic art.  Dedicated to his community, he is a young man who also loves debating ideas.

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