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Did you know

Maison du noviciat 1930

Vue aérienne 1934

…the Novitiate hall, the one known by all M.I.C. novices until 1970, was inaugurated on February 19, 1933 ?

…the main altar of the new chapel of 1933 came from the Carmelite monastery of Montreal ? 

It was donated to our Institute by the Redemptorist Fathers and moved

to the new Motherhouse of 2900, Ste-Catherine Road in 1937.

 … the « M » monograms and the sentences in the whitened glass panes

are treasures of the M.I.C. patrimony the initiative

of which must be credited to our Foundress ? 

They existed at the time of the postulants' entrance on August 8th, 1930. 

One of those postulants, Sr. Madeleine Payette, described their execution procedure

in her “Memories of Pont-Viau” in 1998. 

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Merry Christmas

This Christmas Angel brings to you

the very special gift of JOY

Joy to fill your heart

Joy to  share with the ones you love so much.

But also Joy to spread around you wherever you go.


It’s a very special and precious gift from Jesus.

So be happy and thank full!