From 2018-02-14 to 2018-02-25

First Lent Week

Into your presence we come, Father God, mindful of our own failings; our thoughts, words and actions that have shown nothing of your love
All: Forgive us, loving Father

Into your presence we come, Father God; remembering the sacrifice of your Son on a cruel cross so that we might know freedom from the guilt of sin, and be made right again with our Creator.
All: Thank you, loving Father

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From 2018-01-30 to 2018-02-14

Delia Birthday February 4th

I visualize anew that special day in the heart of God, the birth day of the Foundress of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, the Venerable Délia Tétreault. I see the Lord discussing with his Mother on the most appropriate place for her to be born.

First of all, it was essential and fitting that the one who was later to become an ardent apostle of the Mother of the Lord be born in a town dedicated to the Mother of God. The Lord and his Mother agreed on what that place would be. Besides, must have remarked the Blessed Virgin, Marieville is located a short distance from Montreal, the city once named Ville-Marie in her honour.

That whole day of February 4, 1865, snow fell on Marieville in soft, quiet flakes. Light and fluffy, it wrapped the entire countryside in an immaculate coat that glittered like a million twinkling stars in the last rays of the dying sun.

It was in this atmosphere reminiscent of a bed of lilies that Célina Ponton, the wife of Alexis Tétreault, gave birth that evening to her twins, a robust little boy, Roch, apparently as sturdy as his name, and a frail little girl who seemed rather on her way to a premature death.

Exhausted by this difficult childbirth, the mother nevertheless remained perfectly clear-minded. There was already talk of the Baptism in the next room. In those days, infants were baptized without delay. Uncle Jean Alix, the husband of the mother’s sister Julie, was considered the most obvious choice as the godfather of the strong little boy. Being financially comfortable, he could eventually take charge of him if something unfortunate happened…

The Lord’s plans are necessarily realized by means of human beings and in the eyes of the latter, they sometimes appear disconcerting. Thus, the mother deemed it proper to intervene and manifested her intention to have uncle Alix stand for the little girl as her godfather, for she felt that she would need it more. Everyone bowed to the wishes of the dying woman, not wanting to contradict her.