From 2018-05-15 to 2018-05-31

Religious Profession in Africa

As we were celebrating the feast of the Immaculate  Conception, it was a  privilege to celebrate at the same time the first profession of our two novices in the new  Mary Immaculate chapel. Slowly our chapel was filled with  people who had come to witness the ceremony. The mass was presided by Right Reverend Bishop Benjamin Phiri, the auxiliary bishop of the diocese of Chipata. In his homily the bishop explained how religious people should live the evangelical counsels in order to follow Jesus more closely.  He told the assembly that the acceptance of candidates into religious life is a gift to a congregation and to the Church.  After Holy Communion, the other MIC sisters present, renewed their vows as it is the custom on this feast day. 

After mass everyone gathered in the dining hall of our Development Centre  for a grand meal.  We concluded the ceremony with the final blessing by Bishop Benjamin Phiri.                                                                                           

         Chipata Zambia

From 2018-04-30 to 2018-05-30

Marie-de-la-Providence College in Napo

carried the Canadian flag while Fr. Roland Demers, godfather of the inauguration ceremony, and Sr. Gabrielle Tremblay , m.i.c. carried the Peruvian flag.  The banners were held high while everyone sang the national hymns of both countries.

The official speeches then followed, interspersed with folk dances performed by the students.  After the speech of Miss Maria Arroyo, Directress of the College, Mr. Quane took the floor.  Fr. Roland Demers provided the translation.  Mr. Quane insisted on the students’ privilege of having good infrastructures so as to be able to study and on the responsibility that will be theirs after their studies to share, in turn, with those who don’t have such infrastructures.

The students then went away and the guests went up for the blessing of the second floor and of the commemorative plaque.  The blessing was given by Bishop Noël Simard and Fr. Roland Demers.  The celebration ended with a reception wine and a fraternal banquet bringing together representatives of the Parents’ Association, the administrative personnel of the College, representatives of the teachers and the sisters of the community.

Following this ceremony, the Canadian guests came to share the meal with the sisters at the Provincial House.  A fraternal conversation prevailed around the table in simplicity and contentment.  The sisters, in turn, thanked the guests with typical Peruvian gifts.

Napo  Lima

From 2018-04-13 to 2018-05-15

An Incredible Calling

A very striking experience was the extraordinary conversion story of Deacon Paul Ma. Paul was an atheist but was converted to Catholicism in Shanghai, China during the Holy Year 2000. He had the unexpected vision of Jesus speaking to him from the Cross, asking him to follow him. This experience troubled him so deeply that he confided it to a priest. This began his conversion journey and he was later baptized and was named after St. Paul.

After immigrating to Canada in 2001, Paul raised his family in a very humble way, but again he got an unusual calling to become a deacon in 2002. He ignored it but God kept giving him signs and in 2008, his wife questioned him about his calling. Paul prayed secretly for more signs from God and indeed his wife was suddenly healed of her illness. With this confirmation he started to pursue his vocation to diaconate and was strongly supported by his wife and three kids.

Presently aside from his full time job, he preaches homilies and serves the poor and needy. He also accepts to teach Bible on Salt and Light TV channel.  It was a joy for Cecilia to meet him in person as she had listened to him on Salt and Light Channel. The parish is blessed with a humble, hard-working and loving pastor and now a very devoted and gentle Deacon.