From 2019-02-05 to 2019-02-28


Should it not be as such in our world of today? The global upheaval with its millions of migrants searching for a refuge in host countries and soliciting our welcoming hearts is an opportunity for all of us to discover the hidden beauty in other cultures. Haitians,

Arabs, Asians, or Africans, it does not matter who they are. As we get to know them, the Lord opens our minds to wonderful surprises. The world-wide community invites us to have universal hearts.

At the end of a Eucharistic celebration, which took place during an international gathering of our MIC community, we experienced the fraternal joy of being together. No matter the color, or the place of origin, it was with affection that our arms encircled one another in an expression of love and unity. Outsiders who were present observed the scene and commented: Look how they love one another. And someone else added: To think that some people are racist, they do not know this happiness...

Throughout this year, we will offer some points for consideration in light of the many social changes that disturb us. Often we feel invaded by the newcomers. However, upon reflection, have they not come to give us a helping hand? Everywhere we see signs that read: WE ARE HIRING! We do need manpower. Let us trust the newcomers and let us help them live through their losses by offering them the two fundamental pillars of becoming integrated in another culture: language and employment.