From 2019-09-01 to 2019-09-20

Fifth Annual World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

“We can always cut trees when it is necessary, but we must cease to eliminate our forests. Every Russian forest is agonizing under the axe’s edge, millions of trees are lost, animals and birds leave their dens and nests, rivers are low and tend to dry up, all the wonderful landscapes are lost forever. All this because man is too lazy to bend down and pick up all the wood that is left on the ground.”
— Anton Tchekhov, The Wood Demon

Water soothes our thirst and purifies our bodies and souls. All living organisms depend on water either because they were born in an aqueous environment or need water in order to survive. Why then do we pollute and waste this precious resource ? Why can’t we use it with parsimony and conserve it in the best of ways ?

Signs of ecological and climatic upsets are overwhelmingly present. We really do have to respond to this global urgency by putting in place long-term projects in order that the planet continues to be a place of blossoming, of biodiversity and of unsurpassed beauty. More and more citizen are waiting for a change of paradigm and are ready to act in the best interest of our environment. We can start by changing our heart and by staying humble towards the immensity, but also the fragility of creation. We can also do a lot by reducing our impact on nature in adopting a much smaller ecological footprint.

“Water has become the most precious of all natural resources… Like many other resources, it has been victimized by the indifference of humans who have forgotten their origins and have stayed deaf to the basic needs of their survival.”
— Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, 1 962

From 2019-08-21 to 2019-09-21

Does Our World Still Need a SAVIOUR?

Man: craftsman of his destiny?

So it would seem, yet this is not the case. People continue to die of hunger and thirst, disease and poverty, in this age of plenty and of unbridled consumerism. Some people remain enslaved, exploited and stripped of their dignity; others are victims of racial and religious hatred, hampered by intolerance and discrimination, and by political interference and physical or moral coercion with regard to the free profession of their faith. Others see their own bodies and those of their dear ones, particularly their children maimed by weaponry, by terrorism and by all sorts of violence, at a time when everyone invokes and acclaims progress, solidarity and peace for all. And what of those who, bereft of hope, are forced to leave their homes and countries in order to find human living conditions elsewhere? How can we help those who are misled by facile prophets of happiness, those who struggle with relationship and are incapable of accepting responsibility for their present and future, those who are trapped in the tunnel of loneliness and who often end up enslaved to alcohol or drugs? What are we to think of those who choose death in the belief that they are celebrating life?

From despair to hope

How can we not hear, from the very depths of this humanity, at once joyful and anguished, a heart-rending cry for help? In this 21st century,Christ is still the “Saviour”.

Who will make this message of hope resound, in a credible way, in every corner of the earth? Who will work to ensure the recognition, protection and promotion of the integral good of the human person as the condition for peace, respecting each man and every woman and their proper dignity? Who will help us to realize that with good will, reasonableness and moderation it is possible to avoid aggravating conflicts and instead to find fair solutions?

Love and Peace: a Legacy…

Only by rediscovering the gift she has received can the Church bear witness to Christ the Saviour before all people. She does this with passionate enthusiasm, with full respect for all cultural and religious traditions; she does so joyfully, knowing that the One she proclaims takes away nothing that is authentically human, but instead brings it to fulfilment. In truth, Christ comes to destroy only evil, only sin; everything else, all the rest, he elevates and perfects. Christ does not save us from our humanity, but through it;

he does not save us from the world,but came into the world, so that through him the world might be saved (Jn 3:17). He brings to all the love of the Father in heaven. He is the Saviour of the world! Open your hearts to him and receive him, so that his Kingdom of love and peace may become the common legacy of each man and woman.