From 2020-03-28 to 2020-04-08

Fift Lent Sunday

Jesus is informed of the serious condition of his friend Lazarus and plans to visit him later in spite of the fact that some people threaten his life. Jesus buys his time to show the greatness of God. He delays his intervention, so Lazarus dies. He has something in mind.

Jesus moves to Bethany where his friends Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, now dead, reside. It is now time to show God’s power. The disciples have a faint understanding of what he will do. They believe in him but soon they will realize something more than what they know about Jesus.

Jesus performs a miracle. He makes Lazarus rise from the dead. This will stun his disciples. This will also make a strong statement to the authorities in Jerusalem who seek to kill him.

This is his last miracle before he gets killed. We should understand the miracle assign. John uses the Greek word semeion (sign), not dynamis (miracle) to indicate Jesus’ extraordinary intervention to human events.


Jesus does wonderful things to deliver a message and to point to us believers a deeper reality in which we should live as children of God. Jesus comes to intervene in our powerlessness. 

From 2020-03-18 to 2020-04-08

World Water Day

El agua es un don sagrado que vincula toda la vida.·El acceso al agua limpiaes un derecho humano básico.·El valor del aguafrescade la tierra para el bien común tiene prioridad sobre cualquier posible valor comercial.·El agua frescaes un legado común, un bien público y una responsabilidad colectiva.

NOS OPONEMOSa acciones y políticas que:·Pongan en riesgo el abastecimiento mundialdelagua fresca.Priven a los humanos y a otras especies el acceso al agua adecuada y segura, esencial para la vida.·Favorezcan la privatización del agua como una mercancíaque se compra y se cuando en realidad es un patrimonio común.