May 2015

From 2015-05-25 to 2015-06-25

Commitment of the MIC in Japan

They visit the temporary housing where about 200 evacuees from the nuclear accident zone live. The AsMIC are very active in the parish of Koriyama, and with the parish priest and other parishoners, they have helped the people living in that temporary housing project. Participating this initiative, Sister Sumitani feels this type of assistance is very important because it gives moral support to the people who cannot return home because of the high radiation level, even though thay have entered their 4th year since the disaster. It is necessary to maintain some link with those evacuees who feel abandonned by the government.

From 2015-05-14 to 2015-06-15

TiMoun Is Alive

Up to this very day, TiMoun continues to be found in fifty schools throughout the country. This mini magazine presents the evangelical message, the Good News, in a language that children can understand; it opens the hearts to the universal concept that we are all brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus. Since its foundation in 1983, the magazine went through hurdles strewn with audacity and courageous dynamism. Notwithstanding the unstable political situation of the country, the emigration of children abroad, TiMoun has remained a stable presence. It has been sharing all the ups and downs of the inhabitants and more so the great sorrow of so many families who lost children in the January 2010 earthquake.



Haitian children love stories, theatrical presentations, dramas; in the evening they often play kric krac—a guessing game. The Haitian culture has marvelous stories to educate and foster the interest of the young people to the Christian faith. TiMoun’s editorial team takes care to research these stories which are touching and help the young ones to grow in their understanding of life. The magazine allows the children to appreciate, comment, judge, and apply what is good and appropriate for each one of them. The role of the presenter is to accompany the young ones in their discoveries and applications.

Radio Soleil, which is the Catholic radio station of Port-au-Prince, reaches a wide audience on the Island of Haiti. TiMoun Mysionè has been given a time slot where we can present the educational goal of the magazine. A team of young people prepares the content and youngsters participate in the broadcasting every Saturday; they become good hosts and actors. The high rated program is a great opportunity to get the message across. We have been observing that such participation truly changes the youngsters—they take their responsibilities seriously; they learn to work as a team and speak out in public. It is a real joy for them to participate in broadcasting their opinions, their convictions, etc.



In the course of the year, particularly on Mission Sunday, there are Diocesan gatherings. These allow all the children and presenters of different schools to share and talk about their concerns. They also play together, sing, dance, speak about their ups and downs, share on the content of their favorite magazine TiMoun Mysionè, and then they celebrate. This is a privileged moment which they look forward to—it is considered as an antistress day which is greatly appreciated by the students. Religious communities collaborate beautifully as they let us use the large spaces in their schools.

Thank you for your cooperative spirit, for believing in the mission and in the development of the youth through such an activity. I also thank our printer. He considers this magazine to be the ‘child’ of his printing press because he has been faithfully producing it for more than twentyfive years. Currently, the printing cost is 84 000 Gourdes, in 2003 it was costing us 90 850 Gourdes. The decrease is due to the circulation which went from 18,000 copies to 16,000 after the 2010 earthquake.

The joy with which the teachers and children welcomed TiMoun Mysionè greatly encouraged us. We are trying to keep this children’s magazine alive, even though we have to start from scratch, because we believe in its effective message while encompassing a missionary dimension. With conviction and enthusiasm we look forward to the future.

By Marie-Rosette Lafortune, m.i.c.