February 2016

From 2016-02-28 to 2016-03-06

Lent 3sc Week

The Third Week of Lent

With this week, we conclude the first part of Lent.  We continue our lessons in the faith, as our practices of Lent become deeper and more full of grace.

We enter into this week reflecting upon the Scrutiny that makes up our intense prayer for those Elect, preparing for Baptism.  And, as we beg, as Church, that they be freed from sin and from all anxiety, we ask those same desires for ourselves.

The simple and powerful words of the Opening Prayer guides our daily prayer.  We continue to wake each morning, pausing to ask for the graces we desire for the day.  Throughout each day, the background of our thoughts and feelings is more and more taken up with what this journey means for our personal change of heart, the renewal of our Baptismal commitment to be placed with Jesus, and our growing desire to act in solidarity with the poor.  We go to bed each evening, after pausing to give thanks for the gifts of the day. 

From 2016-02-25 to 2016-03-31

Tsaramasay Alphabetization Centre

Computer courses started in January. Students from each class will be divided into small group and each student will work on a laptop. Due to the number of youngsters, and the number of laptop that we have, each pupil will practice only monthly.

God willing, the next projects will be the repair of the yard, the replacement of roofs, the raising of the wall because it is easily accessible from behind.

Nadya, m.i.c.

From 2016-02-21 to 2016-02-28

Lent 2sc Week

The Second Week of Lent

We continue the first part of Lent, during which we learn, along with those preparing for Baptism, wonderful lessons in our faith. 

We can feel the rhythm developing.  Sunday is always our celebration of the Lord's resurrection, and establishes our theme for the week.  Wednesdays and Fridays remind us of our commitment to a change of heart.  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday re-introduce us to wonderful scriptures for our journey.  Saturday is always uplifting and joyful.

The Opening Prayer of the Liturgy each day continues to guide our prayer.  As we experience how simple these prayers are, and how easy they are to make our own, we find ourselves praying together in the same Spirit, with one another on this journey, around the world.