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RURAL EDUCATION Institut I.E.R. Technique Infirmières

Currently we have 22 students in the second year of training and 26 new students who just entered. The course is of two years. Two qualified nurses assume the responsibility of our school of nursing technicians. They are excellent!

Here are some young girls graduated with photos.

Aida Miranda Hidalgo. Graduated in 2011. She works in the Hospital of Villa Tunari, Chapare. She is responsible for the sector of newborns. It is a young, dynamic and concern for health in rural areas. She receives a salary from the Ministry of Health of Bolivia.

Francisca Mercado Huanca. Graduated in 2011. She works in a Health Centre in Tacopaya. She alone is responsible for this Health Centre. She receives a salary from the Ministry of Health. She won a Merits contest.

Naomi Chavez Vargas and Magali Flores Felipe (2013). They did 8 months of internship. They have worked in a level 2 hospital in Cliza. They have performed activities in community health. They organized mothers Club by applying the SAFCI (health family community intercultural). Each made 17 deliveries under the supervision of the doctor.